Our platform utilizes AI and accurate data to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of construction materials, starting with a pioneering project to decrease the environmental impact of concrete production.

Accurate Carbon Emission Quantification

The first step is to precisely measure the carbon emissions from concrete. Currently, many calculations are based on outdated or imprecise data, leading to inaccuracies. Accurate measurement is crucial, as the success of any carbon reduction strategy depends on understanding the true emission levels. We propose using blockchain technology for creating a transparent and accurate system to track these emissions.

Optimizing Concrete Mix Design

A major contributor to concrete’s carbon footprint is the use of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). By optimizing the mix design, we can reduce carbon emissions. However, the industry lacks the data and tools for quick and efficient mix optimization. Our approach involves using artificial intelligence and our transparent data system to improve the use of materials in concrete production.

Innovation and Market Transformation

Despite ongoing innovation, most concrete used today is still carbon-intensive. The challenge is to create low-carbon formulas that are cost-effective and perform well. Government initiatives like the Biden administration’s Buy Clean program are pushing for cleaner concrete. Our project will support this by creating a marketplace that connects buyers and producers of green concrete, backed by reliable data and certification systems.

Holistic Collaboration through OpenMatFlo

Addressing these challenges requires collaboration across the entire concrete industry, from material science to production, supply networks, legislation, and consumer demand. Our proposed framework, OpenMatFlo, aims to bring together multiple tools and databases for data-driven material innovation, market-based strategies, blockchain technology for tracking material flow, and tools for construction project planning that consider socio-economic impacts.

OpenMatFlo is a multi-faceted approach to making the construction industry more sustainable and efficient, focusing on accurate data, optimized materials, market transformation, and collaborative innovation.