Carbon Down, Leveraging Data

Revolutionizing Carbon Reduction with Data Innovation


tackling the core of the climate issue

Global Warming

Excessive production of CO2

Major Barrier

Lack of precise estimation of carbon footprints

Data Infrastructure

Need precise and live open data


We develop a decentralized carbon database


We develop an AI-based carbon reduction platform


Accuracy stems from transparency

An array of tools

Our comprehensive solution consists of advanced tools and databases.

Comprehensive solution

  • Data infrastructure.
  • AI-based material design.
  • Marketplace for green products.

International collaboration

  • Producers
  • Consumers
  • Designers

A Platform

    • Transparent data infrastructure for fine-grained estimation and tracking of carbon emissions;
    • Performance-based life cycle-aware design combined with community data-driven use-inspired material innovation;
    • Reliable data-backed market-based strategy for accelerated adoption.

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